It would seem that a more logical approach would be a switch in the program for several "features"...

These would be:
Allow default view to be selected (as users or all)
Allow users to disable "borrow" (as not everyone uses this script to allow users to borrow their movies)

Several others could likely be found...  I think it'd add to the overall aspect of the script as it's a completely needed "feature" to be able to change how things work, without having to completely mess around with various things as a user...

On 4/24/06, Les Jones <> wrote:
i've skirted that problem by assigning the vid/movie to "Guest" instead
of the default admin user.



UGN Security wrote:

> I don't see any options to choose what the default view is for
> guests...  As is, with Multi User enabled, when a Guest stumbles about
> they see a blank listing; ideally I'd like them to be shown all movies
> that exist (as was the original view some versions back); any ideas?
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> Thanks for your time,
> James Corthell
> UGN Security President

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