It used to be Wanted, then seemed to change to blank, then back to Wanted. Blank media type always worked for me, is this not a feature of VideoDB? What does everyone else do for videos on their systems that havent been burnt to media yet?

On 2/28/06, Andreas Goetz <> wrote:
IMDB online always used to add movies as 'wanted'? Maybe that should be changed to the default media type instead. I'm not sure that blank media type ever worked though.

Andreas Goetz

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Sent: Dienstag, 28. Februar 2006 01:48
Subject: [videodb-devel] Blank Mediatype

The CVS version of VideoDB no longer allows a blank mediatype, adding a new film via IMDB Online gives a media type of Wanted, and doesn't allow changing to no mediatype
Everyone else experiencing this?