Hi Anthony and Andreas
It would be very nice to see some new muscles on the videodb project, poor Andreas has been working hard on it.
I'm not a programmer in any way, but a user that finds this product really outstanding, and it needs a lot more PR :-)
Best regards

>>> 16-10-2010 kl. 14:39 skrev Anthony Baker <bakeranthony@hotmail.com> i meddelelsen <BLU0-SMTP60C66AA45CA33863E4DF7BDB580@phx.gbl>:
I just started playing around with the templating system yesterday when I saw this message, and thought of a few things that I'm starting to work on:

1. Fix PHP function deprecated errors
2. Fix W3C XHTML Validation errors
3. Clean up layout - rounded corners on top tabs, more padding/spacing so things aren't so cluttered, etc ...

I won't guarantee that anything I'm working on will be good enough to be "the" template, but at least it will be another template for people to choose from.  What additional features and eye candy are people looking for?

- Anthony

Hi Mike,

4.0 is not final and released- and likely wont be unless somebody steps in to help. 4.0 has been around adding eye-candy, driven by my longstanding wish for a proper, thoroughly designed template (that we don't yet have).
Many of the features exist in code (or even CVS) but must be enabled by changing the code. If you're interested diving into it I'd be happy to handover what I've done sofar.

Best regards,

On 14.10.2010 12:29, mike dentifrice wrote:
It's great to see some activity on this list (and the imdb engine fix).
Still, I'd love an answer to the following mail I sent a while back:

Browsing the blog [1], I saw that VideoDB v4.0-pre was out there (the
post is from a year ago). I tried to get it by CVS, but ended up with a
v3.0.3 version. This is also the version the demo [2] advertises itself
as, though it is announced to be 4.0-pre in the previously mentionned

So I'm a little confused. Can someone clear out the doubt?


PS: is there a TODO/roadmap about features to be implemented somewhere?

1. http://www.videodb.net/blog/?p=27
2. http://videodb.net/demo/
Thanks in advance!

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