Added to CVS- please give it a try.

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On 05.11.2009 21:21, Sebastien Koechlin wrote:
Here is a patch for dvdfr. They have an XML API with following licence:
I have found a small bug. In dvdfr.php, in the dvdfrSearch function:

  if( !empty($row[5]) and !empty($row[6]) and !empty($row[7]) ) {
          $title .= ' (';
          // add year (helpful in case of multiple matches)
          if( !empty($row[5]) ) $title .= dvdfrCleanStr($row[5]);
          $title .= '/';
          // add edition and editor
          if( !empty($row[6]) ) $title .= dvdfrCleanStr($row[6]);
          $title .= '/';
          if( !empty($row[7]) ) $title .= dvdfrCleanStr($row[7]);
          $title .=')';

After each 'if', I wrote 3 times $title = dvd.. instead of $title .= dvd...

Here is the corrected file.

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