Hi all

Please find the updated version of the videoadd.php , should work now
Ping me if you still have a problem or have any questions

Alex M
P.S. Nice that someone is using this after all

Frank Altpeter wrote:
2009/3/16 MST <mst81@gmx.at>:
I assume you didn't configure the script before using (e.g. the
"Database stuff" part in it.
I have tryed some more but everything i get is this:

Total movie files found on disk: 5
Total movie files found in DB: 1
Comparing results.
New files found:5

Database Problem

Table 'videodb.videodata' doesn't exist
DELETE FROM videodata WHERE mediatype='51'

Perhaps it's best to contact the author of the software, as noted in
the script itself:

# Add video files from local disc
# @package videoDB
# @author  Andreas Gohr <a.gohr@web.de>
# TODO check paths for correctness

Le deagh dhùraghd,

        Frank Altpeter

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