did you check if the test cases (/test folder) work for allocine? If yes I'd be happy to commit to CVS.

If not- could you potentially take care of that, too?


On 17.02.2009 15:21, Martin Vauchel wrote:
This message was sent yesterday but I never received it. Sorry if some
of you receive it for a second time...

Hi there,

I know this is not the right way to do this but I don't know how deal
with CVS and have no time to get into it at this time, so here it is:

I've fixed the Allociné engine. The Allociné layout changed quite a
bit some weeks ago.
With the allocine.php included in this email, everythong should go
back to normal.

I also added a function that replace accentued characters with the
equivalent non accentued characters in order to fix the problem where
say "La Légende de Despereaux" would not return any results.
It's now working fine.

I added a small function (removeAccents) that make the characters substitution.
I didn't deleted any code, I just commented out what wasn't needed anymore...

I hope this helps some of you, and Andy, feel free to review and
include or not in the repository...


Martin Vauchel --
Be yourself no matter what they say...

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