I'm not sure what your problem is. If you use the videodb installer it prints detailed steps to follow (i.e. db commands to run) to convert your db to utf-8. Did you follow these?

On 31.10.2008 14:53, yourmatebox@gmail.com wrote:
I'd like some support on accented characters in videoDB
I used to use videoDB quite happily on my Qnap TS-101 NAS approx. for two years and I have around 400 records in my database.
Recently I have decided to install the new version (3.0.2) under my public domain to make it available to my friends as well.
However I'm NOT quite a linux & mysql professional I've sorted out most of the problems I faced during installing videodb (request mods from my provider; config.inc.php missing @ install; convert the old database to the new structure; etc) - so now videoDB 3.0.2 is running on my public domain.
However I cannot resolve my character issue no matter how hard I tried...
My OLD videodb on my NAS used a latin1_swedish_ci charset (why swedish I do not know, it just happened to be)
In videodb I DO need accented charset as I have many of those titles among my movies.
On my public domain my database is utf8 and it cuts of accented characters.
I came accross this thread and tried it and successfully converted my database but I couldn't make "VideoDb connect in latin1" as the code in core/functions.php has changed :)
I also converted my old database to utf8 - just to try if I'll be lucky - but this did not solve the problem either.
What I'd like to have is:
use the mysql database in utf8 (as provided by my isp) and use accented characters in my titles WITHOUT - if possible - reentering all 350 movie entries to videoDB as movie PLOTs contains many accented characters as well...
Thanks for your support,

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