Had some lingering patches- all committed to CVS. Should be fixed!


Andreas Goetz wrote:
Please submit to the develoeprs mailing list. The blog is not for 

tkhobbes wrote:
New comment on your post #17 "3.0b3 released"
Author : tkhobbes (IP: , cable-static-40-3.intergga.ch)
E-mail : tkhobbes@gmail.com
URI    : http://www.hobbes.ch
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Hi, I just upgraded videodb to 3.0b3 - and now, I get the error

Database Problem
Unknown table 'permissions' in where clause
SELECT count(*) AS num FROM videodata LEFT JOIN userseen ON videodata.id = userseen.video_id AND userseen.user_id = '10000' LEFT JOIN users ON videodata.owner_id = users.id WHERE mediatype != 50 AND istv = 0 AND permissions.from_uid = 10000 AND permissions.permissions& 2 != 0

I checked with phpmyadmin - the table "permissions" is definitively existing... a prior version (v2.5) did work without problems, and yes, I used the "upgrade" functionality.....

Thanks for helping out
regards, tkhobbes


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