Hi Harald,

I wanted to used FTP access for debugging- but I guess you've already dnoe that ;) If you could provide me an auth file I'll take a look at a fix, probably later the weekend.


Harald Leithner wrote:

you're correct.

As for the things you'd like to have:
- do you want a complete apache config file (http.conf) ?
which would take me some time (because on opensuse the apache config  
ist seperated into a lot of files)
- furthermore an AuthUserFile is needed, otherwise a user/password  
authentication is not possible (but I could provide you one for testing)
- what good is it to give you ftp-access to my server ?
which directories do you neeed to access ?
or did you mean a telnet/ssh access (which I don't want to provide)


Quoting Andreas Goetz <cpuidle@gmx.de>:

OK- so problems appears when trying to access from denied ip range. In
that case apache will ask for username/password, after entering videoDB
error is displayed?
If correct- could you supply me with a simple apache config that does
not require me to have an AuthUserFile (not an apache guru myself..)?
Or- pm me ftp access to your site for debugging?



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