Hi Sebastien,

are you saying that I should apply the short open tag patches and then release? If yes, please send me a full set of working patches against the current CVS version.


Sebastien Koechlin wrote:
Comment By: Andreas Goetz (andig2)
short_open_tag is by default enabled in PHP. Your search/replace is not
sufficient, as it neglects the use of <?= which I personally like. I'd
recommend to not change to long tags (since videoDB was started, _only_ 2
bugs have been raised on this issue) nd stay with short tags which work
fine for the majority.

I thought this question was over, we patched most of the source-code
and I sent 3 patch for install.php and core/functions.php on Aug 8 (2

- We did most of the work.
- Some of us are patching every release to make VideoDB work.
- Most users will not post a bug report when VideoDB does not work.
- Not everyone can enable short tags
- long tags are working not for the majority but for everybody (short
tags enabled or not)

It look like there is a lot of new things in CVS, and patch waiting.
When do you plan to make a new release ?