exceptional support- thanks a lot! I'll commit over the weekend (real job first...) after repainting my flat, so please be patient ;)


Branko Kokanovic wrote:
OK, I did it (First VideoDB, then real job:)

But...I had a long time fixing existing bugs before I imported
anything successfully. Does anyone ever did importing, since as it
stands, it was impossible.
OK, fixes first:
* fixed bad form 'action' attribute in modern template from
xmlimport.tpl - couldn't get to importing at all
* fixed bad argument for getGenreId() in xml import (argument was
xmlnode instead of string) - crashed videoDB
* fixed scenario were importing was with thumbnail tag included in
<item> (xmlimport() tried to push 'thumbnail' as column in database
(BTW, 'thumbnail' tag is reduntant, it is already exported as imgurl?)

Next - real patch:)
What does it do - it exports/imports actors as:

instead of earlier:

Importing speed stays the same, but it does add to file size of
exported xml (up to 70-80%) (if importing doesn't work, try to set max
upload filesize in php.ini)
Patch is backward compatible, so it can import both ("old" and "new")
xml schemas (transparently to user). Tested with about 1000 movies -
works like a charm:) Attached diff is against CVS.

Few ideas:
* Talking about file size of xml - i thought it can be problem for
users that don't host videoDB at home (size of upload, no access to
php.ini), so idea is - when zipped (both "new" and "old" schema) are
of pretty same size - maybe add options to upload zipped xml dumps?
* Maybe employ XSLT processor (does PHP have it at all?) and create
few xsl files that will go with videoDB, allowing users to export
their movies as big XHTML file (think of mentioned xsl files as
templates for generated XHTML with various looks). Another idea is to
employ smarty to do the same.

greetings, branko

2007/8/27, Andreas Goetz <>:
 Hi Branko,

 this is nice but only helpful if you also update the import functionality



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