Hi Brian,
this is entirely strange and I'd like to investigate. If possible- could you send me username/ password for site and db for debugging via mail?
Here is the steps the upgrade takes, only thing that should happen is migrating the 'seen' data to the userseen table:
INSERT IGNORE INTO config (opt, value) VALUES ('adminid', '1');
UPDATE videodata SET owner_id = 1 WHERE owner_id = 0;
 * Userseen data migration
$sql = 'SELECT owner_id, seen
    FROM videodata
   WHERE seen > 0';
$set = runSQL($sql, $dbh, true);
if ($set === false) return(false);
foreach ($set as $row)
    // don't convert fishy data
    if (!empty($row['user_id']))
        $sql = "REPLACE INTO ".TBL_USERSEEN." SET user_id=".$row['owner_id'].", video_id=".$row['id'];
        if (runSQL($sql, $dbh) === false) return(false);
and then
ALTER TABLE `videodata` DROP COLUMN `seen`;

Andreas Goetz

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Subject: [videodb-devel] Permissons changed after upgrading

After I updated to the newest CVS-version, I have lost my admin-rights.
Is there something I can change directly in the database, so I can gain my rights again ?
I tried to insert the admin account from the Createtables.sql, but that didn't change a thing.