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Welcome to the patches tracker for VICE.

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v2.4.x development release

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# Summary Status Owner Version Category
89 Sometimes, when started, x64 gradually slows down until unresponsive closed-fixed v2.4.x bugfix  
88 Windows 7 sometimes decides x64 is unresponsive and freezes its UI closed-fixed Marco van den Heuvel v2.4.x bugfix  
87 configuring for separate src and obj dirs generates a broken makefile closed-fixed Marco van den Heuvel v2.4.x bugfix  
84 SDL uimon crash upon remote monitor disconnect closed-accepted v2.4.x bugfix  
83 Remote monitor command stream and stability bug closed-accepted v2.4.x bugfix  
82 TDE settings are discarded by autostart-prg code closed-accepted v2.4.x enhancement  
81 Monitor exit re-enter patch closed-accepted v2.4.x enhancement  
79 Remote monitor SO_REUSEPORT/ADDR patch closed-accepted v2.4.x bugfix  
77 Broken link in Readme-Unix.txt are fixed closed-accepted pottendo v2.4.x bugfix  
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