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# Summary Status Owner Version Category
105 Two functions used in ffmpeg intergration have been removed in FFMPEG >= 2.5 open Andreas Matthies v2.4.x bugfix  
104 Fix 'Failed to connect' errors upon launch of x64 in MacOS Cocoa open v2.4.x bugfix  
103 ioutil.c functions does not handle filesystem links right pending-accepted v2.4.x bugfix  
102 pal/ntsc and resid models change with shortcut keys (enhancement) open v2.4.x enhancement  
100 Patch for vice (x64) coredumping when displaying drive registers in monitor pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel v2.4 bugfix  
99 SID registers TTL open v2.4 bugfix  
49 Extended Label support for review & comment open v2.4 new Feature  
32 RTKit support for Linux open gpz v2.3 new Feature  
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