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117 Digital (Joystick) mouse support open general new Device  
116 WinVICE: Map any emulator function to controller buttons open Windows new feature (Input)  
115 enable devices < 8 for real IEC (opencbm) open Olaf Seibert general new Device  
114 OSX - Drives window with contents and drag&drop support open Christian Vogelgsang OSX User Interface  
113 fullscreen option when dx9 is disabled open Fabrizio Gennari Windows User Interface  
112 Support transparent access to zipped/rared/7ziped files open general None  
111 Separate Red, Green, and Blue, Gamma controls open gpz general new feature (Rendering)  
106 MIDI Tx Interrupt Support open None None  
104 FFWD and REW to a specific counter open None None  
103 Extend monitor SC command open Thomas Giesel general new feature (Monitor)  
102 Control window in Mac OS X should not be always on top open Christian Vogelgsang OSX User Interface  
99 live memory snapshot open general User Interface  
98 Vice for Ipad open new Port None  
97 Win32 - vsync for DirectDraw open Marco van den Heuvel Windows User Interface  
96 OR AND in Monitor open Thomas Giesel general new feature (Monitor)  
95 Drag and drop improvements open None None  
93 monitor z command feature request open Thomas Giesel general new feature (Monitor)  
92 Win32 - "Apply" button for Video Settings open Windows User Interface  
90 modified VIC 20 open general new feature (VIC20)  
89 Remember attached disks open None None  
88 Provide multiple options for quicksaving open None None  
87 Only one fire on multiple button joystick open general new feature (Input)  
86 Rotate screen? open gpz general new feature (Rendering)  
81 .dmp file support open None None  
80 Win32 - Cassette Control Buttons / Hotkey open general User Interface  
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