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The V C++ GUI Framework / News: Recent posts

V GUI 1.90 / VIDE 2.00 Released

A major new version of VIDE 2.00 is now available. It has many new features.

It is based on V GUI 1.90 which has a new tabbed MDI interface for Windows (not Motif yet), and works much better with Motif/LessTif.

Posted by Bruce E. Wampler 2003-04-20

Added TCheckBoxesDialog and TChoicesDialog

These dialog classes are available in
V Contributions: Hilinski Enhancements.

Posted by Tom Hilinski 2003-03-01

V GUI 1.27a

V 1.27a has been posted. It contains some minor code changes so it will compile with the latest MinGW gcc compiler. A 1.27b version will be released soon with similar changes for the latest version of gcc for Linux.

Posted by Bruce E. Wampler 2003-01-28

V and VIDE hosting moving to Source Forge

The V C++ GUI and the VIDE IDE for C++ and Java are moving to Source Forge. It is hoped that putting the source for V and VIDE on the SourceForge CVS server will encourage more development of these mature packages.

Posted by Bruce E. Wampler 2002-01-22