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Make-based source kit

You asked for it, and now it's here. I've added a make-based source kit for Vesta release/12.pre13/1 to the file section. It's far from perfect, but for those of you that are uncomfortable with downloading pre-compiled binaries, it gives you another option for getting Vesta.


Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2004-10-07


Yes, at long last there's another Vesta release. I held this one off for a long time due to some tricky memory corruption problems that were causing failures during testing. Now that they've been ironed out, here's a new release full of bug fixes.

For the first time, .deb's are included, which makes getting Vesta up and running much simpler for new users (and even experienced ones).

Before the next release, we also hope to have a make-buildable source kit for boot-strapping Vesta without already having Vesta,

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2004-06-30


Lot's of bugfixes in this one, as well as some improvments to performance scaling (although you may not notice unless you have >200 users). Also, there area a few new commands: vrm, vglob, and vhistory. Remember that if you already have Vesta you can replicate, build, and install, rather than downloiading a binary kit, as described here:

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2003-07-23


There's a new version of vestaweb, the excellent web interface to the Vesta repository. If you're using Vesta, you should use vestaweb.

Check it out on the public vesta repository at

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2003-05-20

Vesta release/10

Aside from many a bug fix and improvement, this release represents the completion of the big-endian port of Vesta. Both PowerPC Linux and Sparc Linux are now officially supported platforms.

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2003-04-30

Vesta release/8

Our fourth public release of Vesta was made available for replication from last week and had new binary kits posted yesterday. Aside from bug fixes, this release has improvements to make initial setup easier for new users. There are also new command-line options for the builder, vcreate, vbranch, and QuickWeed, and three new commands: vid (request user information from the repository), vaccessrefresh (ask the repository to refresh its access control information), and vmkdir (create a directory without the NFS interface).

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2003-02-04

Vesta release/6

It's been two months since the initial release, and this is our first newly packaged release. The most important fix included is a bug in the weeder's -keep option that could leave the cache in a state the would eventually require erasing it completely. However there are also several other notable fixes, including better behavior with the Linux NFS client and better support of hosts with dynamically allocated IP addresses.

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2002-05-18

Vesta is released

Vesta is now available for download off its SourceForge project page. We have binary kits for x86 Linux, Alpha Linux, and Tru64.

For a summary of some of the features that make Vesta interesting, see this page:

If you'd like to try Vesta, consult the installation guide:

Posted by Kenneth C. Schalk 2002-03-14

We're still alive

The previous news item may not have been clear enough: we aren't planning to release code on SourceForge until the port from Tru64 Unix to Intel Linux is reasonably complete and we have it packaged in usable form. That should be done in a small number of months from now.

Here's a status update on the port, summarizing a message from Ken (who is doing most of the work).

- All the components of the system build for Alpha Linux, and all except the weeder seem to run correctly. The system has successfully built itself on Alpha Linux. As of today the Alpha Linux weeder still has a bug that crashes the world.... read more

Posted by Tim Mann 2001-12-05

Vesta approved for release under LGPL

Compaq approved the release of the Vesta system under the LGPL on August 13, 2001. We set up this SourceForge project page shortly thereafter, but it will be a while yet before the core team has gotten a release together for downloading. Current status of the system: Runs fully on Tru64 Unix; most components run on Alpha Linux; port to Intel Linux about to begin.

Posted by Tim Mann 2001-08-30