#8 Registered ports

Tim Mann

Currently Vesta uses 5 fixed UDP/TCP ports:

- repository ShortId SRPC (TCP)
- repository VestaSource SRPC (TCP)
- repository NFS (UDP, conceivably TCP in future)
- cache SRPC (TCP)
- RunToolServer SRPC (TCP)

It would be nice to get IANA registered ports instead
of choosing our own unregistered ones.

Because ports are a somewhat scarce resource, it would
also be nice to reduce the number that need to be

The two repository SRPC ports could be combined fairly
easily. There being two is a relic of an early,
abortive design idea to split the repository in two and
allow more then one instance of the top half to share
the shortid pool managed by the bottom half. This idea
has too many problems with it to ever be revived.

One could imagine using the standard ONC RPC (aka
SunRPC) portmapper to allocate the NFS port instead of
making it static. An advantage to making it static is
that if you need to pass it through a firewall, you
know what port to open. Another advantage is that it
avoids dragging more of ONC RPC into the system --
right now we don't use it for anything other than
serving NFS.

It was also suggested at one point that we use the
portmapper for all our ports. Since SRPC is not ONC
RPC, and the portmapper speaks ONC RPC and is normally
used only for ONC RPC ports, this doesn't seem to be a
very natural idea, but it's conceivable. Having a
static port number still is good for firewall purposes,

You could also try to imagine registering the
repository with the local NFS mountd in place of using
the special vmount program. I doubt this is workable,
but I have to confess I never looked into it seriously.
I suspect it may depend on the specific mountd
implementation on your host OS and that it might be
impossible with some mountd (maybe all), because they
don't expect a kernel NFS and a special-purpose
user-space NFS to coexist on their machine.