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VQWiki version 2.7.7 released


The VQWiki project team is pleased to announce yet another release of our software package. This time with a revamped book tagged along.

Some minor bugfixes and addition of some languages, including new, revamped documentation.

Changes in v2.7.7

- Fixed bug in RSS feed where partial html codes in the description broke the feed
- Fixed URL and i8n problem due to URL being encoded in UTF-8 and Tomcat trying to decode as ISO-8859-1
- Fixed bug where a lock file is not deleted for topics with spaces (or other characters outside ASCII) in them
- Added Norwegian translation
- Added Polish translation
- Added Swedish translation
- Updated German translation
- Updated Dutch translation
- Added new documentation: the VQWiki Book, supplied in DocBook and HTML formats with the WAR file
and downloadable as a PDF from the site. This new document replaces the old admin guide.

As always, for more information or to submit issues, questions, patches, etc. please visit us at http://www.vqwiki.org/

Posted by Martijn van der Kleijn 2006-02-03