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Home Screen.
I think versify needs to take a look at the home screen and do it differently. Lets look at the model of the wordpress dashboard. All of your content tools right at your fingers.
All of your settings, Your stream of updates relative to you. A content publisher, Publish media in varied forms.
Replies to discussion. A list of users you've connected with who are not your friends at the moment. The Publisher.
Blog Entries
Your Stream
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Posted by Dale Greer 2010-01-16

New Designer!

I am working with Barton Smith of and the facebook facelift project to design the look of versify!
Together we'll flesh out the design for versify and is the public face of versify and will be the first site to run versify!
I've set up a blog at strrm for more details on this project.

Posted by Dale Greer 2010-01-15