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Venom gets a reboot

Well the old Venom source code has been tossed out and the fresh remake is starting with a new boot loader. Steel Cap Boot gets things going and then loads Inject, the initial boot loader. Inject will detect some of the system configuration and then move on to the payload Toxin to finish initialising the system and load the kernel.

The source code is now stored in a Git repository.

Posted by b.zaar 2014-01-28 Labels: boot loader

Venom update

Well its been awhile since the last update. The source code was updated with a library directory change and the drivers are now compiled to libraries for linking to the kernel.

There are more updates to come in the following weeks.

Posted by b.zaar 2009-04-22

Bug fix release

A snapshot of venom v0.2.2 2008-07-17 has been released addressing some reported bugs. This is only an image release, the source code is available through svn.

Posted by b.zaar 2008-07-17

venom OS v0.2.2

The latest version 0.2.2 is online with new screen shots available. This version includes a framebuffer for vga resolution and text graphics.

Posted by b.zaar 2008-06-25

venom OS v0.2.1 gets SVN

The latest version of venom is now available for downloading. The source code is also in the Subversion repository. Developers are welcome to join the party.

Posted by b.zaar 2008-03-31

venom's first century

Venom has reached a mile stone in downloads... It's hit 100.

Posted by b.zaar 2008-03-02

venom OS v0.2 is looking good

The newest version of the newest OS is out there and ready to download. It's got user space, it's got coloured bits, it's even got a new directory structure... Grab a copy to take home today.

Posted by b.zaar 2008-01-15

venom OS v0.1 released

The first official version (v0.1) of venom OS goes on line.

venom OS is a pmode operating system designed for speed and simplicity. It runs on i386 or higher CPU's with module drivers to expand it's capabilities. This first release of venom includes a 1.44Mb disk image and the full source code. It comes with 2 games just to keep you interested until the next release.

Posted by b.zaar 2007-11-10