#631 AI should use Travel Mode


I used travel mode to open up enough room to SPEC. It seems that the AI don't use travel mode. Once your relative velocity is above their maneuvering velocity, it seems that they start to SPEC to try to catch you. It turns out to be SPEC, fall behind, SPEC, fall behind, ad infinitum.

Expected behavior: A space battle in real space should be all about acceleration. When I went to travel mode, they should have done the same. If they can't match my acceleration then I should eventually escape, and maybe they would try to SPEC to keep up, maybe take a pot shot. If they match my acceleration, they should keep pace with me until I dock, land, or they get bored, maybe SPEC'ing in to get closer to shoot. If they exceed my acceleration, it is just like I am standing still and they are walking to me - eventually they will catch up and fry me. My only hope is to gain enough time to SPEC away.


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  • Anonymous

    Hey, if they won't SPEC any more they won't take down shields, so no more way to kill a capital/corvette with Llama and Dumbfire missiles :( I love to do it!
    Jokes apart, it really looks like a missing feature which unbalance the whole game. After all if AI is already able to control speed there's no need to give them a fixed maneuver speed, they could stay always in travel mode and adjust speed for necessities.

  • Klauss++

    I don't think it would be difficult to do this with current AI scripts, but someone would have to come up with some reasonable ruleset on when to enable or disable travel mode.

  • Turbo Beholder
    Turbo Beholder

    Chase mode?
    Condition, vaguely, should be like this: a hostile target is getting away and there's no more important things to do, such as fighting some still-attacking foes.

    Also, ships should set VelocityRef to the target at least sometimes. Perhaps whichever maneucver they do in chase misses this?

    The point of having the governor at all, of course, is to prevent ships from accelerating out of control, especially seeing as autopilot doesn't handle deceleration properly (yet). So, technically it should be defined as a function of retro thrusters and turning.

    But for most part, "Combat mode" is a misnomer - it's called "maneuver mode" sometimes in internals. I, for one, switch out of it only when fighting, to get unclamped thrust control.

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