GPL won't work with wxArt2D either.  Looks like we'll be sticking with 2.4 too. 
Perhaps there should be a community fork of 2.4 for maintenance, assuming Maxim isn't interested in supporting it indefinitely.


On 11/7/06, Vladimir Vukicevic <> wrote:
On 11/6/06, eric <> wrote:
> Smokes! I just saw this.  Indeed this change means we (enthought) are
> forever on 2.4.  That is a shame for us.  But, 2.4 is a gift for which I
> am very grateful.  Thank you Maxim.
> It looks like your shooting for a dual license to support
> commercialization of the tool.  That is certainly one approach.  We have
> also been successful as an open source company based on BSD style
> licenses.  I would argue that you keep the BSD license, but I am sure
> that you've made this decision very deliberately fully understanding its
> ramifications for current users and the project's future direction.

Indeed, or an MPL or MPL-style license (essentially, the MPL is
source-level license that just requires any changes to existing
MPL-licensed files to be made public, but does not make any claims
about the compiled link -- you can link with proprietary files, etc.).

    - Vlad

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