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The VDX Game Library / News: Recent posts

DirectAudio8 library + FULL Docs + Samples Released!

A STABLE version of the DirectAudio8 library has now been released. This set of classes will enable you to easily incorporate sound and music into your applications. Also, the full documentation of the library has also been released along with some sample source code to demonstrate how to use the classes. All this can be found in the Files section.

Posted by The Hoplite 2005-09-30

First example code RELEASED!

At last, the first example source code has been released! This project demonstrates the use of the basic blitting functions of the DirectDraw7 Library in windowed mode. A perfect companion to chapter 1 of the documentation. Available from the downloads section.

Posted by The Hoplite 2005-08-18

STABLE version of DDraw7 library + 1 chapter docs RELEASED!

The first complete and stable version of the DirectDraw7 library has now been released. The library supports the following features:
-Easily create DirectDraw7 apps in both windowed and fullscreen.
-Basic drawing functions like lines and boxes
-Simple loading and displaying of bitmaps
-Fully functional sprite engine
-Ability to easily create and work with extra drawing surfaces

On top of that, I have finished writing the first chapter of the documentation, which describes the basic use of the library.... read more

Posted by The Hoplite 2005-08-09

First files available

The first parts of the VDX library are available for download. There is no documentation to go with them right now, but feel free to experiment. You can download them from our website or from the Files area.

Posted by The Hoplite 2005-05-12