I'm sorry to "interfer" but I'd like to know how many of you are actually working on the network engine, or only thinking how it could be improved, because I'm also in that process and I think, well, we could work together, otherwise some of us are just loosing their time

about you remark on UDP :
actually I did a (messy) network engine for another game, on top of these "low levels" protocols UDP and TCP, and now I'm looking at RakNet API (http://www.rakkarsoft.com), I'm realizing I lost my time writing what had already been written, because 90% of games protocols always work more or less the same way, and the 10% remaining can very easily be implemented on top of existing APIs. Just take a look at RakNet or OpenTNL (http://www.opentnl.org)

to answer your question quickly, UDP is fast, and TCP is reliable. We can (or have to) use both for different purposes in the game and it's fine. Actually RakNet built a reliable protocol on top of UDP, but you can send "unsequenced unreliable packets" as well, and it's as fast as using a UDP socket.

best regards,


Drew Sanford <lauasanf@wilderness.homeip.net> a écrit :
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 08:10:47 -0600
De: Drew Sanford <lauasanf@wilderness.homeip.net>
À: vdrift-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Objet: [VDrift] Game networking

I know you posted a couple of links IRC regarding why UDP is better for
games. I'll take your word for it, and work from that direction, but I'd
like to read some of the information given in those links anyhow. Could
you repost them here to the list please? Thanks.

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