#30 analogue sidewinder for icr2


Firstly I just downloaded vdms: brilliant! I just
used it to setup indycar racing 2 by papyrus. I had
been struggling to get it to recognise my sound card
and controller. Really easy for me (with my limited
knowledge) to get it to run with sound. But I do
still have a prob. I have an old style sound card
with a Microsoft sidewinder steering wheel and pedals
controller that plugs into the gameport. None of the
joystick .map files I can find cover the fact that xp
recognizes this as (I think) a 3 axes setup: x for
wheel, y for accelerator and z (or rz?) for the brake
pedal. I tried editing my own .map file to get it to
work, but the best I can get (as per .map1) is
steering and accel. working but no recognition for
the brake axes. does the joystick emulator dll have
the info for this setup in it? Can I just make a .map
file for it? Any help would be much appreciated.
Great work, interesting to revisit those old games,
regards paul.j.huggins@btinternet.com