Jones in the fast lane Musik but no voice

  • ssalbach

    I want to play "Jones in the fast Lane" i have the CD version with voice.
    When I start it, with your tool, the Music is fine, but it says Hardware detection error, so he can not play voices  :-(
    Have anybody an idea for this?

    • Red Goblin
      Red Goblin

      Hello yourself and hmm!

      Maybe you know the old joke (about asking for directions) in which the country bumpkin replies, "Well, if I were you, I wouldn't start from here." My point is that what you describe is probably no fault of VDMS per se and that you may therefore get more and better response on a broader and more active forum such as VOGONS. Nevertheless, as you're here, I'll happily give it a shot.

      Now, I know very little about JitFL except that it wants Windows 3.1 rather than plain DOS (the D in VDMS). But, before I make my suggestions on that score, please let me draw your attention to Colin Snover's particularly telling comments about the JitFL CD in this VOGONS thread ...

      So, finally, to my tips which (for want of a better answer and in priority order) are :-
      * Help experts to help you by specifying (without needing to be asked) things like :-
      + Hardware (speed is often an issue for games)
      + Relevant software versions (OS etc)
      + VDMS launcher tweaks/variations
      + Verbatim error message(s)
      * Given that it was almost next in line to Win3.1 (via Win3.11WG), try Win95 compatibility mode instead of VDMS (M$ Application Compatibility Toolkit adds this to Win2k and immensely benefits WinXP gamers too BTW)
      * For more authenticity (plus whacky points), it might be possible to install genuine Win3.x under VDMS (I have both Win3.1 & Win3.11WG installation disk sets if wanted and not otherwise available)