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Curent development status...

Currently the engine is simple, BUT i have a good amount of work into a XNA version (vb.net physx xna) but i hit a wall when i couldn't load a single .x file (.xnb converted) into the scene a then separate it into its own object (both graphically and physx) also using the Content Loader is a nightmare in vb.

I'm converting all the work i put into the xna version to version 1.3 and it has not only .x loading, but level loading (where it recursively searches .x files for objects that "match" certain names and automatically assigns collision/script to them. Input for moving the camera and a camera system, lights, and hopefully bump mapping also will be added will soon after version 1.3/4 be in place followed by a improved cloth loading and 1.5 will have a level edit will full script engine (i wrote it in vb6 directx 8 and just have to port it) allowing .7lv files to automatically be loaded when a .x is loaded containing sound, animation, collision, lights, camera, scripting and more also level to level door animation and loading.... read more

Posted by Maurice Dalaimo III 2011-03-07