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Vikingboard 0.2 Beta released

A beta release of Vikingboard 0.2 has just been released. Vikingboard is a PHP-based discussion forum designed by the principle of "less is more", and features a lighting-fast cache system while still maintaining the features needed for a solid discussion board. Small, but incredibly fast and powerful.

Vikingboard 0.2 brings with it a lot of changes, way too many to be described here in detail. Some changes are at the core of Vikingboard and are probably only recognized (and much appreciated) by those hacking away at the source code, but some changes - like the new snazzy interface - is more obvious. A summarized list of changes is shown at the end of this news posting.... read more

Posted by Jørgen Tellnes 2007-12-03

Vikingboard 0.1.2 released

Vikingboard 0.1.2 has now been released, and should be available for download right now. Vikingboard 0.1.2 is merely an intermittent release to get rid of a few bugs that existed in version 0.1.1, while not making you wait too long for 0.2, and as such, the changelog will be short;


* Fixed bug 1569103: “deleting a topic messes up last post”.
* Fixed a fatal error in the Member list, causing it to be blank in boards with more than 50 members.
* Fixed some permissions issues (missing g_can_delete_own_topics, and wrong default values), causing trouble when users delete their own topics and posts.
* Fixed bug 1583171: “Reporting posts does not require the user to log in”.
* Fixed bug 1586269: “topic/forum subscriptions mail is empty”.... read more

Posted by Marius 2006-10-30

Vikingboard 0.1.1 released

Finally, after much delay, Vikingboard 0.1.1 is now officially released. Vikingboard is an open source bulletin board software, written with speed and extensibility in mind. We already outperform almost every bulletin boards on the market, as well as having enough features for day-to-day use.

More stable and more feature-rich than ever, we are happy to announce what we believe is the best Vikingboard version ever released (yet).... read more

Posted by Marius 2006-09-21

Vikingboard 0.1b released

Believe it or not, we have launched the first version of Vikingboard! Although just a beta, we felt that we had to show the world that we actually are doing something, and we really wanted to get our first version out for betatesting.
We like to think of Vikingboard 0.1(b) more as a proof of concept rather than a piece of software already good enough to compete with other community software like phpBB and Invision Power Board. We are fully aware of that Vikingboard lacks some, probably many, features you would want to have in your community software, but we are working on it. For a complete - and often changing - list of features to be implented in the future, take a look at our roadmap at If there is a feature you would like to see in Vikingboard, please add it to the Feature Requests tracker.... read more

Posted by Jørgen Tellnes 2006-06-23

Developers wanted!

We are now in the final fase before we start to roll out our first alpha/beta version (0.1b) to selected users, and we are therefore looking for more developers to help with keeping the development speed up.

Persons that want to join the team MUST have knowledge of OOP PHP programming, MySQL knowledge is a plus but not a requirement.

Best Regards
Tor Henning Ueland
Project Manager

Posted by Tor Henning Ueland 2005-11-08

Finally on SF!

VikingBoard has finally gotten itself a SF project page, wich will hopefully make things a bit easier from now on. Public exposure will also be interesting.

Posted by Jørgen Tellnes 2004-12-09