#5 Fixes/enhancements for several items.

Blue Ninja

The attached file contains a more detailed description,
but here's a quick recap:

Note: Most of these changes have only been made to the
PSDK report manager (clsReportManagerEx) since that's
the one I use.

Copyright Notice Duplicating Company Name

The main project page displays the copyright notice
from the project file, and appends the Company name to
this. However, Microsoft "Best Practices" indicate that
the company name should be part of the copyright
notice. This is also reflected by the industry's
tendency to do this, as most of the EXE/DLL files on my
system include the company name in the copyright notice.

As a result, the project documentation doubles the
company name, like this example:

(c) 2005 by Adam Yarnott, Blue Ninja Software Blue
Ninja Software

I have changed all of the default Report Managers to
address this issue, and commented the code accordingly.
A better solution might have been to create an option
for this, but I decided to go this route instead, if
for no other reason than to "gently encourage"
widespread consistency.

Files/Procedures affected:


Additional information at this MSDN link:


"Parameter Not Found" On Fixed-Length Strings

I changed how fixed-length strings are parsed. This
prevents the "Parameter Not Found" error when
commenting UDTs for fixed-length random file access
usingthe shortcut of adding the parameter at the end of
the member declaration, rather than using the Param tag
before the type declaration. Now, the type shows
correctly as "String * 25" (or whatever length) in the
documentation, and the description of the member also


' This record is used for a random-access file
containing some important
' business contacts I've had previous dealings with.
Public Type FileRecord
FirstName As String * 25 'First Name
LastName As String * 25 'Last Name
TargetExecutionDate As Date 'When I'm
gona kill this dude.
End Type

Previously, TargetExecutionDate would be the only
documented member, while FirstName and LastName would
show as type String.

Now, all members will be documented, and the type for
FirstName and LastName will be "String * 25".

Files/Procedures affected:


Supporting @author, @version, @date, and @remarks At
The Module and Method Levels

These tags now show for modules and methods.

Files/Procedures affected:


Enabled indentation and bulleting for ToDo, Bugs, and
History Lists

The Bug, ToDo, and History lists now print out in
bulleted and indented form, for better readability. Or
at least I think they look better.

Files/Procedures affected:



  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    The modified source files, and a text file describing changes.