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#26 Separate full screen resolutions GB/GBC and GBA

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As the GB/GBC has 160 x 144 pixels but GBA has 240 x 160 I think there should be the possibility to set the full screen resolution separately for both platforms. Corresponding to that it would be nice to set the maximum magnification for each full screen resolution separately.

Think about that: If I set e.g. 320 x 240 as native resolution (I can set this resolution as I'm using an ArcadeVGA graphics card in a real arcade cabinet with a CRT monitor), the GB and GBC screen is very tiny with thick black bars around it, the GBA is a little bit larger on that resolution. As I definately want to use native resolution with no blurring or any filters there is at the moment no way to have the same picture size of both platforms on the screen.


  • sort of redundant when disabling stretching (and keeping magnification under 2x) already handles this internally.

  • maximum magnification


  • Anonymous

    This is not totally true when using native resolutions!

    As both platfroms GB/GBC and GBA have different screen resolutions, setting a higher one for GBA results in a very very small picture for GB/GBC.

    Maximum magnification does not fit perfect, I can get no 1:1 pixels.

    So only two different settings would solve this once and forever!

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  • Anonymous

    I just want to add a though:

    It would at least be a good idea to have two separate video settings for each platform (GB/GBC and GBA). So that e.g. GBA could use magnification 1 x but GB/GBC magnification 2 x. Same with filter settings.

    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-03-03
  • Monochrome100

    This is good idea, different consoles had different resolutions so they should have separate settings.

  • never going to happen.

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