#122 Build with SFML 2.0 RC

Jeremy Newton

I tried building vbam with SMFL 2.0 RC but it seems it won't work.

I could build it with 1.6, but I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why building with SFML 2.0 would be beneficial.

NB: I apologize if this is already fixed in svn; if that is the case, can someone I be directed to the checkout that fixes this?


  • Theres nothing 2.0 offers that would benefit vba-m at the present

  • Jeremy Newton
    Jeremy Newton

    Is there anything I can do to make it compatible with 2.0? I'm looking for some sort of solution because Fedora is updating to 2.0 RC, and I need to fix the package to build for the next version of Fedora.

    I could disable linking temporarily, but I would assume there is a good reason it's enabled by default.

  • if fedora is updating to unproven code, then its time you started questioning their viability as a chosen operating system

  • request a patch through dolphin-emu/shuffle2

    i assume it will need to be updated on dolphin as well