Lack of activity

Well, I'm sorry for the lack of activity on my project. I get laid off on my birthday, and my main machine melted it's CPU. So things have been disrupted. But here's my plans for the future.

Immediate future:
- Portability enhancements. This probably means rewriting some of my bash-fu that depends on fdisk, etc., as I'm planning on porting VA-CTCS to Darwin/OS X and Linux/PPC. (this happens when your x86 machine melts down)
- Autoconf. This goes with the portability enhancements above. I've already played with it a little bit, but..
- Help Wanted. I am looking for additional contributors to the project.

Long term future:
- Rewrite in Perl or Python with the option for more sophisticated test modules that tie closer to the test controller, perhaps an OO design.
- Pluggable reporting architecture to report results to database, flat file, whatever and have that be configurable
- GUI for configuring standard burn test (dialog/X/Aqua?)

Thanks for using the code. Rest assured, I've not abandoned the code... at least, not by choice. :)


Posted by Jason T. Collins 2001-10-23