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Utk (Universal Toolkit) / News: Recent posts

Utk 0.1.3a Released

Utk 0.1.3a has been released. It's primarily a bug-fixing version, with several obscure, yet slightly debilitating issues that have been corrected. The ChangeLog is below.

Also, if you use this software, please, PLEASE submit bug reports! How am I supposed to fix software without bug reports, anyway? :-)

Here's the ChangeLog:

- Fixed Combos and Lists so that those without selected items default to the first item in the list as soon as an additem is run.... read more

Posted by Des 2000-08-18

Utk 0.1.2a Released

Utk 0.1.2a has been released. It has a few minor changes, as follows:

- Added the Utk::Combo widget, which is just like a List except it's a dropdown.

- Fixed a formatting bug in the containers that messed up the fonts.

Posted by Des 2000-08-15

Utk 0.1.1a Released

Utk 0.1.1a has been released. Here are the updates from the changelog:

- Updated the HTML Label widget so it shows newlines correctly. Before, it would show everything in one big lump regardless of newlines.

- Added the size property to the List widget (HTML) to help make Gtk and HTML look more consistent with each other.

There's still plenty more to do, including bindings for Tk and for Qt, as well as expanding the widget set. Please let me know (via the bug feature) if you find any problems.... read more

Posted by Des 2000-08-04

Utk Released

Utk (Universal Toolkit) is a system written for Perl (hopefully to expand to other languages as well) that is designed to provide transparency between different desktop environments. It provides basic widgets that can be used to write a program in a graphical or web environment. A program written using Utk for its interface could run in GNOME and KDE (as soon as I find Qt bindings to Perl) without having to know or care about the difference; there would be no code rewrite to move from one to the other. Utk also supports HTML, so programs can run transparently over the web.... read more

Posted by Des 2000-08-01