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uthash / News: Recent posts

uthash moved to GitHub

uthash can now be found at

Posted by Troy Hanson 2013-01-17

uthash-1.7 released

This is a maintenance release of uthash. See the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2009-06-12

uthash-1.6 released

Version 1.6 of uthash includes new hash functions, new HASH_CLEAR and HASH_SELECT operations, and an auxiliary linked list header utlist.h

Posted by Troy Hanson 2009-05-09

uthash-1.5 released

This release of uthash supports thread-safe concurrent readers and makes HASH_FIND about 13% faster.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2009-02-19

uthash-1.4 released

uthash-1.4 features C++ compatibility, an API for obtaining the count of items in the hash, greater memory efficiency and clean pedantic compilation

Posted by Troy Hanson 2008-09-24

uthash-1.3 released

Performance enhancements and greater platform support are included in uthash-1.3 as well as a significantly revised User Guide.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2008-07-28

uthash-1.2 released

Sorted iteration is now supported using the new HASH_SORT macro. Other changes include Cygwin support for the built-in tests and documentation enhancements.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2006-11-23

User Guide navigation enhanced

The uthash User Guide ( has been enhanced with a clickable Table of Contents.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2006-10-01

uthash-1.1 released

In release 1.1, uthash now has several built-in hash functions. Choosing the right one for your key domain is easy, using the new keystats utility.

The API is now even simpler. See for examples and the updated User Guide.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2006-06-28