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#92 FlightGear, some tex missing, RagePro LT

mach64 (19)
Alex Perry

Running current CVS of FlightGear, in conjunction with
PLIB 1.2.0 as packaged for Debian on a conventional
Potato machine, it works fine if I log in from a
machine with a G400 card under Utah with reasonable
after taking into account the ethernet connection
carrying GLX traffic.

In contrast, if I run it locally, using XF86-Mach64 and
current (i.e. early April 2001 CVS) of Utah, some of
the screen is just not rendered at all. The instrument
panel, which is all 2D texture overlays, doesn't appear
at all.
The Head Up Display, which consists of font textures
and lines, has only
the lines showing up. However, the scenery itself,
which consists of thousands of depth buffer textured
triangles, looks completely normal.

If I force software rendering, the display appears
correctly. So it is definitely something in the Mach64
layer somewhere. If I change from DMA=3 to DMA=1, it
just runs more slowly. Trying DMA=0 causes a server
crash. I think there may not be enough memory on my
8MB chipset to hold the textures on the card, even at
minimal performance levels, so the AGP is being heavily
used. I don't think the problem is a chipset timing
error, because the display is clean and crisp and
renders stably. When I switch to DMA=4 to get
doublespeed AGP, the textures are completely messed up.

Ideas, suggestions, places to look ?