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UTAC - USB TEMPer Advanced Control / News: Recent posts

UTAC - USB TEMPer Advanced Control 0.1.2 is out

The Version 0.1.2 of UTAC is ready for download now. The most important change is the support for the TEMPerHum Device, so from now on you a able to read temperature and humidty from this device with utac. But there are many many more changes.

Here is the complete Changelog for this version:
0000036: [Bug] Delay after reset min/max values (bof) - resolved.
0000035: [Bug] Error when setting graph scale (bof) - resolved.
0000026: [Feature Request] Alert system (bof) - resolved.
0000028: [Feature Request] Fixed graph scale (bof) - resolved.
0000008: [Feature Request] FTP Upload of the Graph (bof) - resolved.
0000005: [Feature Request] Adjustement of TEMPer Values (bof) - resolved.
0000002: [Feature Request] Support for TEMPerHum (bof) - resolved.
0000024: [Bug] If the List View is disabled, the XML Webserver doesn't work (bof) - resolved.
0000012: [Feature Request] AutoStart for UTAC (bof) - resolved.
0000029: [Feature Request] Minimize on Startup (bof) - resolved.
0000004: [Feature Request] Display Min/Max Value (bof) - resolved.
0000003: [Feature Request] Template Engine for the WebServer (bof) - resolved.
0000006: [Feature Request] Minimize to System Tray (bof) - resolved.... read more

Posted by Björn Böttcher 2008-05-27

UTAC Version 0.1.2 coming soon

A look at the Roadmap of the Bugtracker shows that all tasks for the Version 0.1.2 of UTAC are finished. So this means all programming work is done, and now there is a code freeze. No new features will be added to the current version, just Bugfixes are allowed. I hope the testing will be successfully and finished until next weekend, so I can release the next version.. an overview of the changes can be found at the Roadmap Page in the Bugtracker

Posted by Björn Böttcher 2008-05-21