Hi All

I am seeking advice from both/either list.
The is regarding User Mode Linux Xterms and Konsole.
I would like to keep all 6 Xterms for each User Mode Linux Virtual Machine to stay in the same window.
So I could have one window per virtual machine and not a whole desktop cluttered with Xterms all over.

In Konsole: to open a new session, but in the same window I can use the following command:
        dcop $KONSOLE_DCOP newSession

In any Xterm (including konsole) to launch User Mode Linux into a new Xterm window, the following command is expected:
        konsole -T "The Title" -e <the executable>

Example: To open a new Xterm with the man page for ps.
        konsole -T "PS man page" -e man ps

I tried a wrapper script that was suggested to me, but it assumed that the following would work:

        dcop $KONSOLE_DCOP newSession -T "$title" -e "$exec"

But dcop sees the -T and the -e as bad arguments.

So how do I get the functionality of the above statement but with the right syntax, commands, etc.  ?
Alan Ridgeway