When it comes to loading modules, UML is no different from a regular
kernel. You seem to be a bit confused by kernel module versioning and
module loading in general, I think you should start there.
Thanks I'll read more about them.
You also seem to be using an out of date kernel of an out of date and no
longer supported distro... not the best of start!

The reason for using old kernel is , I having file system module that works with those versions.
It won't compile with new version - since kernel has been changing quite rapidly. I need learn how fs module works & then modify it according to latest version.

You guest modules need to match your guest kernel, that's it.

I'm working with assumption following should work .
I compiled a module (myfs.ko) under host kernel Now built uml from that kernel source (
Logging into uml , I did hostfs mount and copied it into uml. now doing insmod gives following error message
- (Or I need to compile the module within uml itself not from host and cp it ?) .

UML# insmod myfs.ko
myfs: version magic ' SMP mod_unload ' should be ' mod_unload '
insmod: error inserting 'myfs.ko': -1 Invalid module format


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