I tried to launchg more than 12 VMs simultaneously on my host but I got following error in the VMs when booting up them.
[17179635.112000] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [swapper:0]
[17179635.112000] Modules linked in:
[17179635.112000] EIP: da31:[<0859aeec>] CPU: 0 Not tainted ESP: cee0:00000000 E
FLAGS: 0859aef0
[17179635.112000]     Not tainted
[17179635.112000] EAX: 27c5aa30 EBX: 00000001 ECX: 085bd970 EDX: 27c5aa28
[17179635.112000] ESI: 085bd970 EDI: 0859aee0 EBP: 08071515 DS: d98c ES: bb00
[17179635.112000] 0859ad98:  [<080702b0>] show_regs+0xb4/0xb6
[17179635.112000] 0859adc4:  [<0809b8d3>] softlockup_tick+0xce/0xde
[17179635.112000] 0859ade4:  [<08080b9f>] run_local_timers+0x14/0x16
[17179635.112000] 0859adf0:  [<080809c4>] update_process_times+0x22/0x4c
[17179635.112000] 0859ae0c:  [<080902c7>] tick_periodic+0x5f/0x68
[17179635.112000] 0859ae18:  [<080902e2>] tick_handle_periodic+0x12/0x7d
[17179635.112000] 0859ae38:  [<0805dba8>] um_timer+0xe/0x15
[17179635.112000] 0859ae44:  [<0809be71>] handle_IRQ_event+0x20/0x50
[17179635.112000] 0859ae60:  [<0809beef>] __do_IRQ+0x4e/0x8f
[17179635.112000] 0859ae7c:  [<0805be32>] do_IRQ+0x1f/0x35
[17179635.112000] 0859ae8c:  [<0805db5b>] timer_handler+0x1a/0x28
[17179635.112000] 0859aea0:  [<0806a9cf>] real_alarm_handler+0x30/0x32
[17179635.112000] 0859af10:  [<0806a9f5>] alarm_handler+0x24/0x2f
[17179635.112000] 0859af20:  [<0806b217>] deliver_alarm+0x86/0xbb
[17179635.112000] 0859af38:  [<0806b3fe>] idle_sleep+0x73/0x81
[17179635.112000] 0859af50:  [<0805c9a7>] default_idle+0x26/0x2a
[17179635.112000] 0859af64:  [<0805c9cf>] cpu_idle+0x24/0x28
[17179635.112000] 0859af74:  [<0823d1ad>] rest_init+0x59/0x5b
[17179635.112000] 0859af80:  [<08049594>] start_kernel+0x1cd/0x1cf
[17179635.112000] 0859af8c:  [<0804cc21>] start_kernel_proc+0x2a/0x2e
[17179635.112000] 0859af98:  [<08069f8a>] run_kernel_thread+0x38/0x42
[17179635.112000] 0859afcc:  [<0805c768>] new_thread_handler+0x8c/0xb9
[17179635.112000] 0859affc:  [<00000000>] 0x0
I added some traces in the softlockup.c and other files, and found that, seems the watch_dog process cannot get waked up correctly when the host is heavy loaded, then this warning is triggered.
I also did some experiments in the UML VM.  For example, create a process which eat CPU resource 100% for more than 1 min., this warning shows up too.
I am using kernel version
Does anyone have idea to get rid of this warning?
Please cc me when reply as I am not in the mail list.
Thanks in advance!

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