On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 10:31 PM, Edmundo Carmona <eantoranz@gmail.com> wrote:
But I ran UML once, a couple of weeks back, It worked. So i left it there thinking this was ready when I needed to work on it. And now it aint opening. Even that time, I remember I tried a couple of times before I got the file system correct. 
I think, this is my disk related fault. How much memory space is required? if my linux kernel and the filesystem are both not on my physical  memory, they are on a seperate disk, then ?
I am a rookie kinds to linux. Only started using Linux half a year ago.

Well... if it is a gcc-related problem (and I saw the tip on a thread
related to red hat) then I think the same problem will show up on any
distro as long as you are using gcc-4.5 to compile the UML kernel.