Hi Team,

I installed a fresh debian etch and doing following steps to setup user mode linux :
(installed uml kernel and uml utilities from debian etch DVD.)

1) dd if=/dev/zero of=root_fs bs=1M count=4096
2) mkfs.reiserfs -f root_fs
3) mkdir mounted_root_fs
4) mount root_fs mounted_root_fs -o loop
5) rsync -ax --exclude=root_fs / mounted_root_fs
6) vi mounted_root_fs/etc/HOSTNAME
   Changed the hostname.
7) vi mounted_root_fs/etc/fstab /* After my change line will be like below : */
   /dev/ubd/0   /   reiserfs   defaults   1   1
8) linux mem=128M

While starting uml(i.e. linux mem=128M) I am getting the error like :

Warning: unable to open initial console.

I am using GNOME and doing this from gnome-terminal.
Can anyone tell me what are the exact steps I need to do to initialize console?