Yes we use it.   It is just a command line option to the kernel.  I bolded the one I think you want.


UML command line: /opt/alp-dev/bin/alp-linux ro mem=512M root=/dev/root rootflags=/scratchbox/users/david/targets/alp-x86-dbg-dev rootfstype=hostfs ssl0=tty:/dev/ttyS0 eth0=tuntap,tap0,, eth1=daemon,,unix,/tmp/alp_sim.ctl xdisplay=:2 LOG=/home/david/alp-simulator ubdc=/home/david/.alp-dev/simulator/var-alp-x86-dbg-dev.ext3 geometry=480x854 NO_MODMAP=1 umid=ALP con0=xterm xterm=gnome-terminal,-t,-x


From: David Francisco Rodriguez Perez []
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 3:26 PM
Subject: [uml-user] Mapping a physical serial port to UML


Hi All

Does anybody has mapped a physical serial port on the HOST to a guest UML ?