Blaisorblade wrote:
The problem is, that nptl is "officially" not supported by uml yet. If
you also have the old linuxthreads libraries in your system, then
according to some mails I found on the net you simply have to
rename/remove the nptl ones in your uml drive to force the binaries to
use the obsolete ones. (Since I use Linux From Scratch it was not an
option for me.)
There was a post from one of the LFS authors about the changes to do to fix 
this (it's just changing a couple of options when compiling glibc).
The problem is that I already have an "nptl only system", and on the other hand, nptl supposed to be superior. (At the same time I admit that I very likely don't see too much of the advantages of nptl on my machine.) One could also build a system that supports both threading libraries (as many distributions do).