Hi there,

We have a 60MG hard drive with the three Linux primary partitions and the Linux extended partition.  We would like to add three Windows 2000 partitions of 15MB each, leaving 15MB for Linux.

The  first question is can we do this without re-installing RedHat 9?

If we can, I assume they would have to be subpartitions in the extended partition?

When I bootup Linux Rescue from the Installation CD, I say No for "Setup Networking.  I say Skip for the Rescue dialog.  I run parted and attempt to resize the largest partition, Minor 3:
resize 3 203.950 15000.000
The error message comes back:  "No Implementation: This ext2 filesystem has a rather strange layout!  Parted can't resize this (yet)."

It seems to me that there are two problems here:
  1. Parted doesn't know about ext3
  2. (yet) implies that Parted will be able to resize ext3
Any words of wisdom on this will be appreciated,
Tomás Taylor

P.S. Our only non-RedHat files are Java; no user files.  It would take just a few hours to rebuild the disk with the four Linux partitions and the three Windows partitions.