that is a problem .
     i tried to start uml but report a error  can't open initial console.  and search the mail list .  a topic said that  compile the uml kernel haven't enable devfs devpts  will make this "can't open inital console"
happened . so i tried to make these option enabled , but strangely  i can't found this option  as the according said option devfs is under   file system---pseufile ----devfs  devpts . so i tried to write it by hand ,
first  i modified the .config  added the lines enabled that , second i modified  deconfig under    linux-2.6.16/arch/um/  add that lines .
but after complied it,   excute "./linux --showconfig"  still can't find devfs and devpts have been enabled .
and advice/ help .
why these days i access the maillist report this .  is this maillist any problem . any one read the mail please mail me that tell me what is it .or tempory error.

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