There is a tool that helps in the uml machine creation,
it can link machines through both simulated lan or simulated
serial links.
You have to configure the machine you want to have some ttys,
then the graphical representation of the serial ports
are not the same color as the ones of the more classical
ethernet ports.
You connect serial ports the same way as ethernet ports, you
then get a dotted line instead of a normal line for ethernet
to ethernet link.

You may have to configure your tty with commands such as:
 stty -F /dev/ttyS1 -echo
 stty -F /dev/ttyS1 -onlcr
I had problems trying to have pppd on lines with echo on!

I forgot the name of the tool: cloonix, see at: http://clownix.net


 Is there around a simple diagramming app that would allow naming of
objects such as rectangles and saving them in XML ?  The idea would be
to use such an app to draw several UMLs and their eth ports, connected
to each other, and then to parse the XML to automatically create the
needed command lines to reporduce the diagram's networking and UMLs.

And suggestions appreciated.

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