when i run UML using the hostfs,

# linux root=/dev/root rootflags=/ rootfstype=hostfs ro con0=fd:0,fd:1 init="/bin/sh -l"

it pour out a lot of information which seem somthing is wrong, and boot up the UML.
However, I do not get the prompt such as "root@uml:~#"

I just got the prompt "bash-2.05b#"

What is wrong with it? Something I miss?

Pravin <> 写道:
On 1/17/07, An Ching wrote:
> Hi wstearns,
> I now use the UML to do my jobs. However, it is my first time to use the
> system, and met a problem in building my own root_fs.
> I downloaded the scripts in
> and run the commands
> # ./mkrootfs
> It run not very well but finially finished and got a file 'root_fs'. I
> booted the UML using the file.
> # linux ubd0=root_fs
> It was so pity that it didn't work and said:
> Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to
> kernel.

try using #linux ubd0=root_fs init=/bin/sh
this should be able to get u the shell
> How to do next? Could you give me some advices?
> Thanks a lot~
Pravin Shinde