Hi All,
Sorry for the noise, but I didn't found the answer in the mailing list archive.
previously I use uml-2.4.20 with a redhat9 rootfs perfectly. now I'm
trying vallina-2.6.3, with uml-patch-2.6.3-rc2-1 donwloaded from sf.
rootfs is the same.
The symptom is: it hang on boot right after "mount devfs", and consuming 100% CPU all the time until was manually killed. remove the 'devfs' option dosen't help: it hang again right after "mount ext3 root filesystem readonly". break into gdb only got trace begin from something like "sigint_handler".
I was told that rootfs with new distribution running on old machine have this kind of problem, but my laptop CPU is P4, and anyway 2.4.20-uml with the same rootfs works very well.
have clue? appraciate any help!

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