Multi ip network

  • emitkins

    I understand that a switch network setting is best for creating many UML's with any number of ips per UML. I have also read a few tutorials and believe i am too inexepericed to recompile the kernel to allow bridging to be setup.
    i receive this error.
    [root@server uml]# brctl addbr uml-bridge
    br_add_bridge: Package not installed
    [root@server uml]#

    So i know i must recompile my kernel and email the bridge mod.
    My question to everyone is i know you can create the network with iptables.
    SNAT and DNAT to your UMLs through your host iptables.
    But both these steps are beyond my saftey level of experience.
    I was hoping to have some point me an easier way then the 2 ways ive shown about to allow each uml to run with mulitpal ips.
    even a garrenteed not to drop my host server tutorial to do multi ip, multi uml setup.
    thanks in advance guys.